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Body Fit Training of Sandy


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About Us

Body Fit Training provides group strength training programs built to provide positive outcomes for all fitness levels. Our progressive programming includes 13 different 50 minute class types that are led by 2-3 highly accredited coaches in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Designed by an elite strength and conditioning coach, the BFT workout is a science-backed program previously reserved for only elite athletes - now made accessible for all - regardless of fitness level. BFT 50-minute sessions of high-energy training are designed so you can perform your best. Every studio across the globe does the same workout each day - we do all the workout planning for you to maximize results. A huge amount of variety means no plateaus and you'll never be bored. Imagine having a custom-curated workout plan that has your goals and your results in mind. Imagine an engaging coach motivating you through each workout and a group of friends cheering you on. Imagine that each workout is fun, progressive, and a perfect mix of cardio and strength. Too good to be true? Nope. That's exactly what you will get at BFT.

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  • Monitor your progress with our innovative heart rate monitor system for maximum results.
  • Proven elite, high-performance group training methods that are tailored to deliver the best results for everyone.
  • Variety of 50-minute programs from cardio, strength, functional, and core stability.
  • No scattered programming at BFT. Each studio does the same workout each day as part of our progressive programming.
  • Our dedicated and highly trained Coaches are by your side to motivate, educate, inspire and push you achieve your goals.


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